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Dear guests, did you know?
Our tips for a hassle-free and guaranteed reservation

As hoteliers, we are dedicated to providing a wonderful booking and stay experience for each of our guests. However, we occasionally notice rare reservations made through websites and agencies we do not work with, and we would like to alert you about this.

The main issues encountered are:

Errors: in the information & descriptions of the establishment.

Hidden fees: some rates seem cheaper but have additional hidden fees.

Changed booking conditions: stricter than if you book directly with us.

The rates displayed on price comparison sites are not all guaranteed.



As hoteliers, we work with a variety of partners, but some agencies and websites prefer not to work directly with the hotelier.



A travel agency buys rooms from one of our partners to display them on a website without our knowledge and without a contract with us.

In such cases, the information is often incorrect, and updates are not made when changes occur.

We are not informed when these agencies list our establishment, making it complex, if not impossible, for us to update the information.


Our actions and advice

We request our partners to refuse the display and sale of our rooms through agencies and websites that are unable to respect our conditions and keep our information updated.

However, this is a daily task; in France alone, there are around 4,000 travel agencies, and new agencies and websites are created every day worldwide.

Of course, the best thing to do is to book on our website neho4you.com where you will pay less. Alternatively, you can also book with our certified partners, but in this case, you will pay more than if you book directly with us.



Below, we have listed the agencies and websites with which we have no commercial relationships or contracts, yet they still display our establishment.

On the other hand, there is a list of our certified partners.