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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join the program?

If you already have a personal account, all you need to do when making an online reservation is to log in and select ‘yes’ when asked, ‘Become a member, it’s free.’

First-time with us? You can join the program by creating an online customer account, either during the booking process or by following the link provided here, and selecting ‘yes’ when asked, ‘Become a member, it’s free.’

You also have the option to confirm your membership with the hotel directly.

2. What are the main benefits?

You save immediately from your 1st booking, with a lower rate than booking.com for example.

You accumulate credits in euros that you can spend from your 2nd stay.

Your benefits apply only if your booking is made with the hotel directly or via our official website.

3. How does our loyalty program compare to other programs?

We have studied all loyalty programs, and the expectations of hotel guests.

Our loyalty program is the most flexible and beneficial you will find. We offer exclusive discounts, euros credits, extra services and invitations to private events.

Plus, our loyalty program is easy to use and does not require a physical card.

So why not sign up now?

4. Is registration free?

Yes, registration is free.

5. How can I take advantage of all these benefits?

Book on our website, and when you finalize your reservation you can register to pay less and benefit from exclusive advantages.


6. I usually make my reservations on other websites. In this case, do I accumulate euros in my Nehô4You kitty?

The advantage of the loyalty program is only available for reservations made directly on our official website, neho4you.com, or by booking directly with our hotel.

This allows us to offer you the best possible rates and to reward you.

7. Will I receive a physical card?

In an environmental approach we have chosen to dematerialize your card, it will be only digital.

8. When can I take advantage of my benefits?

You save immediately from your first booking, with a lower rate than booking.com for example. Discounts are based on the best rate available on the official website (not valid on a coporate rate).

9. When does my adhesion end?

Never! You have earned the right to be a member forever.

10. I have a corporate rate agreement with Nehô group, through a contract with my company, do I benefit from the loyalty program ?

Yes, except for the 5% discount which does not apply to your contractual preferential rate.

You will enjoy all the other benefits and accumulate euros in your kitty, as long as you pay for your stay.

If the bill is paid directly by your company to the hotel, you will not increase your kitty.

11. How do I see the amount in my kitty?

Log in to your account and find your personal information, your kitty, your current status and your booking history.

You can also find the amount of your kitty by logging in during your online booking

12. How can I use my kitty?

Your name and email address must be provided at the time of booking, if you contact an establishment directly.

If you make a reservation online, by being identified, the amount of your kitty will be displayed and you will be proposed to use it. If the selected dates are not eligible for the use of the kitty (events, Nehô4you contingent exhausted), this will be specified to you when you make a reservation online, or if it is via the website, the area displaying the kitty to be used at the time of the reservation will be grayed out.

If your kitty is larger than the amount of your stay, the amount used will be the amount of your stay. You will not be able to use only a part of your kitty.

13. Can the kitty be used in all the hotels of the Nehô group?

Yes, all hotels are concerned.

14. What is the validity of my kitty?

Your kitty is valid for 365 consecutive days, starting from the last billing of the last stay, provided that the payment for the stay has been made successfully.

It is automatically extended for 365 days with each new stay, under the same conditions.

If, for 365 consecutive days, you do not make any eligible reservations during which you would use your kitty, the total amount of your kitty will be forfeited without prior notice.

15. The euros earned during my last stay have not been credited, what can I do?

For any problem with your kitty or profile, please contact our customer service (service.clientele@neho-group.com), we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Before contacting us, please make sure that your stay was eligible:

  • direct booking or on our official website
  • for an eligible rate
  • on a lodging and breakfast service
  • less than 365 days between your last stay and the next one
16. Can I offer kitty (or part of my kitty) to another person?

Your kitty is nominative, and cannot be offered.

17. I am entitled to a 10% discount on my drinks at the bar in 4* establishments. Can I pay directly or will I have to transfer the bill to my room?

You will have the choice of transferring the bill to your room, or having the discount deducted directly from the ticket that you can pay at the bar.

18. How can I benefit from the special 15% discount for my birthday?

If your date of birth was entered when you registered for the loyalty program, when you book a stay including this date, a 15% discount will be automatically granted on our website as soon as you are identified, or when you book directly with the establishment.

19. I am already a member and I want to change the personal information on my profile?

Edit all your profile information directly by logging into your personal account : click here

20. Surprises?

Yes, surprises! With Nehô4You, your loyalty doesn’t just earn you Euros.

You can also enjoy new exclusive benefits throughout the year and depending on the establishments (upgrades, late check-out, complimentary parking… and many more!)

21.I no longer wish to join, how do I unsubscribe from the program?

You can unsubscribe from your customer account, by clicking here or by contacting the hotel directly

22. I have another question

Do not hesitate to contact your hotel directly, our reception teams are there to inform you!